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South America Direct!!

We proudly introduce our new and improved South American Global Sourcing Program!!
Through an extensive search we have found a few farms that will now bear the name of Hilverda De Boer USA. These farms produce the high quality products that you are used to receiving from us with our Dutch Program.   
We are so confident in this selection, that all of our clients who place a new annual standing order will receive their first weekly order FREE!  

NOTE: this will be with a commitment of one year. Standing order pricing is based on a year round commitment.  Short term orders are welcome at Open Market Pricing. 
Our list consists of the most popular hydrangea and  roses in each category, as well as new varieties.  Of course if you have a special order, or  a request for a variety that is not on the list below, we can source it for you.  

***All orders accepted and subject to final farm conformation***
Please take a look, ask questions, and send us your feedback.  We look forward to bringing you the best that South America has to offer.
Hilverda De Boer
Team USA

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Anthurium mixed Premium Calla Capt Romance   Cotinus Rubrifolius Roses  spray Ave Maria Leucadendron Safari Sunset dark   Grasses ornamental Calamagrostis   Roses  spray Piano Freiland Roses  spray Charming Piano Chrys. Serenity Roses  spray Dark Latin Pompon Freelander

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Visit our Flower Event from 6-10 November!
Are you a regular visitor or will this year be your first time? Our Flower Event is a great way to meet old friends and new flowers!
Get excited, make your reservations, and have a great week this fall.

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